STENSBO is proud to contribute to the development and growth of our customers in the industry

A complete referencelist can be requested by contacting Mogens Pallesen or Michael Grønning


Tom Sandholt - COO

In the last couple of years Stensbo Engineering has provided a long range of construction, design and calculation tasks for us, both for longer and shorter durations. Dependent of the scope and type, the work has been performed acc. to the agreed quality and in regard to the agreed deadlines.

In addition Stensbo Engineering has done a great deal to ensure a constant crewing on the tasks, which has reduces our need for training consultants in our processes and methods.


Jens Martin Jensen - R&D Manager

Svendborg Brakes are at the moment working on a larger development project in collaboration with e.g. the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. In this context we have great use of Stensbo Engineering.

It is a firm collaboration where we two days a week have an employee located at our place, which possesses the expertise within our field and helps reaching the project goals.


Torben Andreasen - Adm. Dir.

Since 2008 we have used Stensbo Engineering (former Stensbo Teknik) as a firm collaboration partner. We apply Stensbo Engineering to all our now developments and it is our experience that both simple and complex tasks are solved in the best possible way.

Here at Aquila Triventek A/S we are very happy and satisfied about the collaboration with Stensbo Engineering.


Morten Friis - Project Manager

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP we are happy to acquire additional resources in peak demands. Since 2007 Stensbo has been assigned to us as an external construction partner and helps our project managers in Denmark and Italy with tasks of different characters.

We are utmost satisfied with Stensbo and the collaboration we have – deadlines on tasks are always met and performed to our satisfaction.