The Danish Transport Authority specifies the guidelines, in paragraph 8.01.023, in the Detailed Regulations for Vehicles. And it demands, that it is a requirement that a chassis calculation or a voltage calculation must be carried out, which detects the current voltage in the chassis frame and in the current chassis reinforcements. The calculations must be presented at inspection of the vehicle.

STENSBO carries out relevant calculations using calculation programs that meets the requirement for the vehicle manufacturer and the Danish Transport Authority.


STENSBO ENGINEERING`s calculation program indicates the actual axle loads and the payload location on the vehicle.

  • A detailed center-of-gravity calculation is included, where all components included in the chassis reinforcement are listed, as well as various equipment such as stools, towbars, tool boxes, tanks etc.
  • The material indications on the center-of-gravity calculation can, after a control measurement on the current chassis, be partly used as a cutting dimensions.


STENSBO’s calculation program, for use in calculating the stability of the vehicle when mounting the crane, meets the requirements of the Danish Working Environment Authority.

  • The program specifies the current stability factor right beyond the support legs, as well as the crane boom perpendicular to the tilting line and also in 2 variable positions between each set of support legs.
  • The program can perform stability calculations with as much as 8 support legs on the vehicle.
  • The program calculates the stability all around.
  • The calculation can be performed both with and without ballast.


STENSBO ENGINEERING`s calculation program determines the weight and the location of the components used to reinforce the chassis frame and other unattached equipment.

  • In the program the current profile dimensions and the plate fields are entered, to be used for the reinforcement of the vehicle chassis frame.
  • Weight as well as the location of tanks, tool boxes, towing hitches, stool etc. are clearly shown in the calculation.
  • Weights on the crane, flyjib, winch and other equipment for the crane are clearly shown in the calculation.
  • The material indications on the center-of-gravity calculation can, after a control measurement on the current chassis, be partly used as cutting dimensions.


STENSBO performs calculations in their own calculation program, which ensure correct length and size of welds in relation to plate thicknesses and the actual tension from the most/worst loaded/stressed foundation bolt.

  • It is an important part of the crane assembly that the bolt pockets being welded on to the chassis reinforcement, have the necessary strength to receive the feature/withstand the pressure which appears in the foundation bolts when the crane is used.
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