Construction of cranes and other hydraulic equipment on trucks

STENSBO ENGINEERING has very extensive experience in design, development, construction and calculation of structures with crane and other hydraulic equipment on trucks.

We have very extensive experience in layout, construction and calculation of truck structures with cranes and other type of hydraulic equipment.

  • An advanced calculation program is used to perform the various types of calculations required to ensure that the structures are in compliance with current legislation and constructionally safe.
  • In some cases, there is a need to know the exact leg rest loads as well as twisting of the chassis reinforcement of the vehicle, and in this case, an advanced 3D Finite Element Analysis calculation program is used.
  • The constructions are always drawn in full scale, with all of the truck equipment, so that it is possible from the design phase to assess, whether the structure will be as desired.

Vamdrup Special transport – A self-supporting subframe for an EFFER 2100 / 5S crane that is removably mounted on a VOLVO FM12 10×4 / 6 truck

 Vognteknikk, Norge – VOLVO FH700 8×4 med en PK 92.002SH-F kran og 1 f

Vognteknikk, Norway – Scania R620 LB 8×4 HNB with a Palfinger PK 85.002 F-4 crane and 1 front leg

Krangården, Holstebro – VOLVO FH520 8×4 L2H1 with a Palfinger PK 150.002 G-4 crane and 1 front leg

Lellinge Container and Crane A / S – VOLVO FM480 8×2 * 6 with a Palfinger PK 60.002 F-4 – Fixed load with boat ditch and 1 front leg

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