STENSBO is a committed and flexible partner that is recognized for the quality engineering services

STENSBOS services include machine design, project management and documentation, as well as structure analysis and calculation of pressure equipment and steel structures.

STENSBO operates with a flat organizational structure, where colleague’s works close together to perform and solve customers’ task in the best possible way.

STENSBO’s strength lies in its professional network, dedicated staff and specialized knowledge
– to the benefit of the customer.


STENSBO’S mission is to provide flexible and reliable consultancy to the offshore, machinery, steel construction and process industries.

This is achieved by providing engineering consulting services that exactly meet customer needs and expectations and thus create shared value.

In this context, STENSBO actively involves the professional skills of individual employees, as well as the leverage available through interdisciplinary collaboration.


STENSBO will be a preferred partner for calculation and consultancy within the offshore, engineering and process industries.

STENSBO will be among the leading consultants in the field of pressure equipment and piping, and will provide flexible turnkey solutions targeting the offshore industry.

STENSBO will create an intermediary, where advice and information is readily available and solutions linked across network.


Engaged Engineering

STENSBO delivers consulting services with commitment, credibility, and loyalty.


STENSBO offers flexible consulting services that effectively convert knowledge into valuable results targeted the specific task.


STENSBO values the depth of its professional knowledge, and strives to be ‘At the Cutting Edge’ with its professional skills.


STENSBO crates an environment where employees thrive based on recognition and utilization of an individual’s special skills and thus creating a shared value